A worry monster is a special doll used in play therapy to help anxious and troubled children. In the UK, the wonderful charity, Knit-for-Nowt, organises crafters with ideas and patterns, collecting their finished monsters and other therapy dolls/puppets for distribution to the child-care, child-therapy, educational, and family-work professionals who use them to help children. Although the site focuses on knitted items, sewn items are equally welcome.

A glance through the testimonials on the Knit-for-Nowt website shows just how valued these resources are by the teams who receive them, and how much they appreciate the love and work we crafters put into creating them. There are waiting lists to receive both worry monsters and the other therapy dolls and puppets from Knit-for-Nowt.

This guide is also available to download here as a .pdf file (right-click to save), and as a Word .docx file on the Knit-for-Nowt website’s page of sewing patterns.