Step 11: Turn monster right-side out

Reach inside the monster through the hole you left for the stuffing and turn it right-side out.

This step is easy if you left a big enough hole. It’s still possible if you didn’t – just be patient! Be careful if you pinned down stray arms and legs earlier – you might want to feel around inside and pull out all the pins before you start.

Once it’s the right way out, carefully smooth out the seams and press the whole monster with an iron. Take time to work on the seams, and to fold and crease a hem where you will sew the last gap shut. You can see the frayed edge of my gap in the photo, on the right side of the head.

You can see from this picture that I went with the optional ‘crotch notch’, and left the nose to add later. If you’re adding extra features like horns, wings, tail, ears and so on, this can be done now, while you can still reach the back of the body fabric, or once the monster is stuffed.

If you do any stitching below the mouth, take care not to sew the tummy bag shut – work with one hand inside the mouth.

Put your hand inside the mouth and make sure that the tummy bag is fully open and as flat as possible. If the edges/corners of the bag were caught in the main seam then it won’t move about much. If not, it’s possible to pull the bag inside-out through the mouth. (I’m in two minds about whether it’s better to leave it loose or fix it to the lower body/trap it in the main seam.)