Step 8: Sew the tummy bag into place

Notice how the crude stitching on the back of the zip is hidden when we add the tummy-bag. The edge of the tummy-bag is lined up with the edge of the felt lips on the other side – this means we have the choice of matching the thread to the felt, the zip, or the bag. It does save some fuss if they’re all the same colour!

Sew the shorter, front top edge to the back of the lower lip and to the lower half of the zip.

Sew the longer, back top edge to the back of the upper lip and to the upper half of the zip.

Leave enough space between the edge of the fabric and the working parts of the zip that nothing catches.

I’ve left these hemming stitches visible for the photo, making them longer than I usually would and leaving them a bit loose so the camera shows the placement. If they’re tiny enough and in the right place – digging the needle under the edge of the top fabric, catching at a few threads of the bottom fabric, then coming up through the very edge of the top fabric – these stitches are nearly invisible. I’ve made my life easy here by having the same colour zip and tummy bag, and matching my thread to both.

You may need to play about and do some extra stitching inside the mouth to prevent the satin catching when the zip is pulled, to seal the top edges of the bag firmly to the sturdy fabric of the zip (I recommend tiny hemming stitch in a thread matching either the bag or the zip), and to close up any gaps around the outer mouth area. Don’t be afraid to improvise and stick a few extra stitches where they’re needed. A working mouth is more important than perfect stitching.