Bit of a slow couple of weeks on the worry monster front. Helen’s been busy trying to figure out a family set of prototype felt therapy puppets – happy face one side, sad the other. These two are based on this paid pattern from Etsy store TheSchoolBell. Helen’s modified it to show a face either side (the originals are one-sided with nice hair on the back). It’d be nice to come up with our own pattern/tutorial that Knit for Nowt could share – one for the family group, one for people-who-help-us (doctor, nurse, police, professional, judge, etc), and a few extras for specific situations.

Phyllis has been busy making heaps of much-needed worry monster-sized underpants!

This box is off to Knit-for-Nowt as soon as possible.

Knit for Nowt donations 16 October 2021