Screencap from the Knit-for-Nowt website showing the faces of Mojo the worry monster

The charity I’m crafting for at the moment, Knit-for-Nowt, has a growing collection of sewing patterns on their website for worry monsters, worry eating animals, and play therapy puppets. As the name of the group suggests they also have loads of knitting/crochet patterns. Donated items are passed on to child therapists, childcare and support teams, schools, and play workers across the United Kingdom. Following the lockdowns of 2020/2021, demand is greater than ever. Almost 1000 requests are in the queue right now, with each receiving a box containing several handmade, donated items from across the Knit-for-Nowt range.

Sewers can have a go at Mojo – a worry monster with a pocket on its tummy and a flip-book of different expressions for a head.

My detailed tutorial for creating a tall, leggy worry monster with a zip mouth is there, as are a cute pair of animal-shaped monsters for use in body-image work: one is plump, the other slim.

Adaptable sewn happy/sad hand-puppets for female figures and male figures are infinitely customisable with hair and clothing. There’s a further “ethnic” pattern using the basic male/female ones and adding Islamic head coverings and some amazing ideas for depicting beards and hair. It’s no mean feat to design a puppet wearing a hijab when you need the face visible on both front and back! Therapists need puppet sets depicting family groups and professionals like police, medical staff, and court officials. Check out the particularly gorgeous photo of a group of “people who help us” professionals all wearing a tiny, tiny knitted Covid-19 face covering!

See the full range of sewing patterns for Knit-for-Nowt here.

What can I sew for Knit-for-Nowt?