Three crocheted worry eaters in bright yarn, each featuring a missing limb

Here’s our latest shipment of worry monsters for Knit for Nowt! They all feature a missing limb – by Clare’s request in the case of the crochet ones, and because there were only enough fabric strips and felt hands/feet pre-cut for three limbs each in the case of the sewn ones!

There’s a strong demand for these modified therapy dolls to represent limb loss, disability, or the marks of physical abuse.

Phyllis is on a pants-knitting kick. Even the large pattern only takes a couple of hours to make and just about any spare DK yarn will do. I think these were all made with Sirdar Snuggly – one of our very favourite yarns, so soft and easy to knit with, but way too pricey to use for the bigger makes.

Two sewn worry monsters in bright fabrics, each with a missing limb
A batch of knitted underpants for use with play therapy dolls
Worry Eaters with Missing Limbs